6th Annual Blueprint for the Future: Blueprint Goes to Camp

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The 6th Annual Blueprint for the Future provided 100 kids with a week of camp

100 Kids    Blueprint Logo   Summer Camp 2015

Congratulations to all the winners of the night. Watch the TKBGC facebook page for photos from the evening, provided by Simon Remark of Ecstatic Photography and Hilary Stark. SNAPd Cabbagetown and Distillery Photographers also were on site to help capture the evening. For our guests in attendance, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and that we will see you again at next year's event.

 Know someone who wants to send a kid to camp? They can make a donation online.

Special Thanks To:
Dionne Q., TKBGC Camp Counsellor
Adam Rambert, TKBGC Board President
Joe Stapleton, TKBGC Alumni
Hazel Wheldon , M.A. President & COO, MHS Inc.
Ian Edward, Executive Director
TKBGC Sponsorship & Events Committee
TKBGC Staff & Volunteers

Help fight the effects of "Summer Brain Drain" aka "Summer Learning Loss". Without structured and supervised activities throughout the eight weeks of summer vacation, many children loose months of knowledge when they return back to school in September. This is a time when children should be getting ahead, not falling behind. Summer learning programs have been shown to raise math and reading performance, increase attendance, reduce dropout rates, decrease involvement in crime, improve behavior at school and heighten interest in learning.

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015 we helped combat "Summer Learning Loss". Together we ensured 100 children were supported with one week of summer camp. 

Thank You!

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